Financing Rejected Findomestic? How to have a loan!

Image result for findomesticRefused findomestic financing, let us understand the main motivations and above all the solution to get new liquidity, If you have just denied the loan and you need to get new credit, you’re in good hands!

Our experts, free of charge, will assist you in getting what you need. What do you need the money for? The car, the bike, a holiday, the wedding? It does not matter, it is not necessary to provide a motivation. If you want to receive more information, just fill out the contact form you find on our site and within a few moments, a colleague will be in direct contact with you.

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Let’s now look in detail at some aspect about the refused findomestic funding.

Findomestic funding request, approval time

Image result for timeframeRegarding Findomestic funding approval times, generally, do not spend many days from the date of the request to approval or rejection. Except in special cases in which the company may require some in-depth analysis, supplementary documents or the second signature of a guarantor, in one or two days the client should receive feedback regarding the feasibility of the loan application

For existing customers, the wait may be less than a few hours. Precisely because already in contact with the bank, those who already have a loan with the financial company will benefit from response times.

After the positive evaluation, the delivery and accreditation times will be fast. In a few hours from the accreditation, the customer will have the new amount of money he has requested.

But what to do if the outcome is late? In these cases, contact the company directly. Directly on the site, the financial publishes the various methods of contact; For convenience, please find below the contact link Findomestic in which you will also find the toll-free number Findomestic.

And if the practice is not evaluated positively? Let’s see what are the main reasons below.

Financing refused Findomestic, motivations

Reasons Findomestic funding refusal, exists a detailed list? The answer is no, but certainly, we can list the main causes that determine the non-acceptance of a loan practice. Many customers ask themselves this question, like Marco, who wrote to us via email:

Hi, my name is Marco and I live in Milan. I state that I never made loans, only as a guarantor for a car loan of my brother. A few months ago he did not pay the installments on a regular basis because he had lost his job. He did not tell me anything and the financial officer did not warn me.

I went to Euronics to buy a washing machine and the TV. For convenience, I made the request through their point of sale and after waiting for the evaluation time, they sent me a message telling me not accepted financing. Why do I have a loan refused without reason? Why did findomestic not accept my financing?

In this case, the answer is simple. When signing as a guarantor in a loan, failure to pay one or more installments may cause a negative report in the various credit databases such as Crif. These will impact both on the first applicant (in our example the brother of Mark), both in the guarantor (Mark).

We can, therefore, say that a loan can be rejected because the applicant is:

  • a bad payer
  • guarantor for badly paid financing
  • excessively indebted, so the number of ongoing installments does not allow the calculation of a new loan installment
  • as soon as it has recourse to credit, it has recently obtained another loan (6/8 months)
  • not registered in the database (has never made loans)
  • has made other requests, even online, to other credit institutions (regardless of the outcome received)

How to obtain new liquidity in these cases? Let’s see it below.

Loan refused Findomestic, why rely on Globalfin?

First of all, who we are. Ours is a credit brokerage company, which means that our job is to put the customer in touch with the bank or financial institution willing to evaluate the request in a positive way.

We are registered in the sector of credit with the number M359 (OAM register – agents and credit brokers). Why rely on a mediator? Taking advantage of the numerous agreements signed with the major banks, we offer the possibility of finding the solution in an easy, fast and secure way.

Comfortably from home, it will be enough to send us the contact request and we will take care of everything else. Where do you live? Naples, Verona, Vicenza, Rome, Palermo, Cagliari, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Reggio Emilia or Modena? Do not worry, we are present throughout Italy.

Once the request has been sent, it will not be forwarded to the credit databases, within a few moments a colleague will call you to understand if and how to help you. In the event that we find a solution, you will agree to an appointment directly at home for the whole investigation phase.

Now all that remains is to wait for the time of disbursement of the financing and plan how best to invest your money.